Things are changing when it comes to food establishments, and they are changing for the better. A decade ago you’d be hard pressed to find a great vegan restaurant in the Hudson Valley. There were plenty in New York City and a smattering of them around here, but nowadays Hudson Valley residents have their choice of places to go to find vegan or vegetarian food choices. And there’s a brand new vegan restaurant in Kingston that people are raving about.

The new restaurant is called The Secret Vegan Cafe, and you’ll find it at 38 McEntee Street in Kingston. The Cafe is the brainchild of Kim Hoedeman, and it stands out from other vegan restaurants. Why? Because the Secret Vegan Cafe offers vegan versions of traditional diner food like pancakes, burgers, breakfast sandwiches and other comfort foods. And, we’ve got a sneak peek of this innovative new cafe.

Ulster County’s Delicious New Secret is Open for Business

Sneak Peek of the New Secret Vegan Cafe in Kingston

We're excited to see Secret Vegan Cafe open for business. It's a vegan/comfort food lover's dream come true.

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