A shop that's put thousands of Hudson Valley bikers out on the open road is now up for sale.

As soon as spring rolls around, bikers flock to the Mid-Hudson region. Whether it's an organized ride or just a solo trip through the scenic roadways along the Hudson River, Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties are a hot destination for riders of all types.

While most motorcycle riders take safety very seriously, there is a new breed or rider that has gained the ire of the community. Trick riders have been seen speeding through traffic, popping wheelies down busy roadways and causing serious accidents.

Route 9 Poughkeepsie New York
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An accident in October caused a motorcycle rider to lose a limb. Witnesses say the rider was doing tricks down Route 9 before slamming into a vehicle. Social media accounts of the victim showed him partaking in dangerous stunts and speeding over 100 MPH.

Marlboro New York Shop

Legendary Motorcycle Shop in Marlboro, New York For Sale

A motorcycle shop located on Route 9W in Marlboro is currently up for sale. Big Boyz Toys is described as a "very profitable" business and has been selling bikes in the Hudson Valley for decades. The shop stocks a variety of sport bikes and is the only dealer in the Hudson Valley selling 80-horsepower electric motorcycles from Spain. Aside from bikes, the business also sells generators, snowmobiles, ATVs and generators.

Big Boyz Toys has been listed for $1,650,000 The sale includes the 8-acre lot on Route 9W in Marlboro and the business. The bike inventory, however, is being sold separately.

Marlboro New York

It's unclear why the store is up for sale and if a potential new owner would continue to operate it as a motorcycle shop or use the large parcel of land for a different purpose.

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