Now, admittedly 100 miles with children in the car is no WALK IN THE PARK, but once you’ve arrived at any of these gorgeous destinations, that’s exactly what you’ll be in store for


5) Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ

Six Flags Great Adventure Facebook
Six Flags Great Adventure Facebook

OK so, Six Flags Great Adventure may NOT be the cleanest park on this list BUT it is one of the largest in the country and has more attractions than you can shake a churro at. Its crown jewel is without a doubt The Kingda Ka, the tallest roller coaster in the world. Not to mention El Toro, the prettiest wooden coaster known to man.

The park also features amazing children's areas, live entertainment, and an extensive safari park where visitors can observe various wild animals.


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4) Lake Compounce - Bristol, CT

Lake Compounce Facebook
Lake Compounce Facebook

Let's get this out of the way: Lake Compounce is where Milli Vanilli was famously caught Lip-Synching during their Club MTV Tour on July 21, 1989.

Now that we've covered THAT

Lake Compounce nails classic charm and modern thrills in one fail swoop.

If your family is looking to enjoy a mix of mid-sized roller coasters, family rides, and children's attractions, Look no further. Like many others on this list, the park doubles as a world-class water park with slides, Wave Pools, and the all-important Lazy River.

Its focal point is undoubtedly Boulder Dash, a wooden roller coaster consistently ranked among the world's best woody—that's what the nerds call wooden roller coasters.

Girl, You Know It's True

3) Six Flags Great Escape - Queensbury, New York.

Six Flags Great Escape Celebrated 70 years
Six Flags Great Escape Celebrates 70 years

If it weren’t for the Six Flags logos and Bugs Bunny walking around, you’d never know this was a Six Flags Property.

A True “Mom and Pop” theme park from a time gone by.  Located in the gorgeous  Adirondack Mountains and off the beaten path from Lake George. Great Escape features classically beautiful mid-century hand carved scenery and a charm not offered anywhere else

THE COMET Their iconic wooden rollercoaster is my second favorite coaster of all time. My first?! We’ll get to that.

2) Adventureland- Farmingdale, New York


 Family Owned since 1962!

Locals love it, Tourists can't get enough. Their Haunted Mansion is less of a rip off and more of an homage to ..well you know. Their spinning coaster Turbulence will leave you thrilled and only slightly disoriented.  The staff is friendly plus attentive and cleanliness is definitely a priority and who doesn't love a classic Pirate Ship ride?


1) Six Flags New England- Agawam, Ma

Map Courtesy of
Map Courtesy of

Quiet Simply The CROWN JEWEL of the Six Flags properties.

The Cleanest, Cutest, Newest and Easiest to navigate of ANY  Six Flags. Now in its 24th season since purchasing  RIVERSIDE in 1999, SFNE's SUPERMAN :The Ride features a mind blowing 221 foot freefall  in its first drop and their THUNDERBOLT which opened in 1941 is without hyperbole the GREATEST WOODEN ROLLER COASTER OF ALL TIME  

The Team Members are terrific and their live entertainment is hands down the best in the company. Treat yourself and your family to this New England Treasure

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