If you've spent any amount of time living in the Hudson Valley, you have a friend in the woods whether you knew it or not. Do you know about the famous frog with an X on its back?

Spring has officially sprung in New York, even if the temperature didn't get the memo. While the calendar declared the changing of the season on March 19th, the true sign of spring in the state is when these clever little frogs start to make their appearance.

It's not spring in NEw York until the spring peepers start making their mating call
It's not spring in NEw York until the spring peepers start making their mating call (NYSDEC/Jupiterimages via Canva)

Peeper Frogs Mean That Spring Has Arrived in New York

The amphibian in question is none other than the spring peeper... and since "spring" is in their name, it's hard to argue what they symbolize. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) recently shared a fascinating video showing exactly how the frogs make their distinctive noise (below).

Spring Peepers in New York State

The frogs, which hibernate during the winter, are some of the first animals to herald the approach of warmer weather. They are perhaps the most famous, however, due to their telltale "peep" which they use to  search for a potential mate.

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How to Identify Spring Peeper Frogs in New York

While peepers can have colors ranging from green hues to reddish-browns, they all have one thing in common: a distinctive "X" mark on their back. When they're not peeping, the frogs can be found hunting for their next meal, which usually consists of small insects like ants or flies.

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