There are a few things that we are supposed to do before we get into a car, a bit of a pre-flight checklist. Do you do things like check to see that none of your windows are broken? Do you check and see if your license plate is still attached to your car? Yes, they can be easily stolen.

You should also just give a glance at your tires. Do they look right? Do they look low? Lastly, you should look at your door handles. Yes, the door handles. If you ever see that there is a zip tie tied to one of your door handles, like seen in the photo below, stop immediately. What should you do? What does it mean?

What does it mean to have a zip tie on your car's door handle?


If you were to scour the internet for the answer to that question you would find the following two answers.

The first answer is that it is a prank. Someone trying to mess with you a bit. The second answer is the one that requires a bit more caution. In the last few years, the zip tie on the door handle is alleged to be that you have been marked, by a person who is going to rob or kidnap you. The theory behind it is that the person(s) could pull on the zip tie and appear to be getting into your car or use it to get your attention and then attempt to rob you. What do you do if you find a zip tie on your car? Keep reading to find out.

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What should you do immediately if you find a zip tie on your car door handle?

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If you see a zip tie on your door handle, be aware of your surroundings and don't panic. Get into your car, lock the doors, and don't open them for anyone. When you can get to a safe spot, use scissors to remove the zip ties.

To ensure you are being safe, this is just one of the reasons that it is a good idea to do a once-a-day visual check on your car or truck. It is noticing the things that are different that will help keep you safe.

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