Have you been having issues with your mail? Is it missing? Were you expecting something that just never came? Do you think that someone is stealing your mail? If you think that you are just imagining it, or if you think your letter carrier is out to get you, what do you do?

You can actually file a complaint with the Post Office. There is a bit of a process of what you need to go through. What is that process? Does it actually work? 

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Can you really file a complaint about your local Hudson Valley Post Office?

Photo by Tareq Ismail on Unsplash
Photo by Tareq Ismail on Unsplash

Yes, believe it or not, if you have an issue you can file a complaint about it. There are a few steps you will need to take to lodge the complaint. For this particular time, let's just say you have an issue with your mail delivery.

What information do you need to file a complaint with the post office?

U.S. Postal Service Considers Cutting Mail Delivery By One Day
Justin Sullivan

First and foremost, you need to document what is going on. Is it missing mail? Is it late mail, did your carrier just not give you the mail or are they always delivering it to the wrong address? Write all of that down, then file the complaint. The first step, according to the USPS website is to fill out the online complaint form. It is suggested that you do this, only after you reach out to the post office that delivers your mails, post office. Start there and then follow up with the online complaint form. Go to the post office, during normal business (weekday) hours, and ask to speak to the Postmaster.

While, the process may take some time, it is better to document the issues with your post office.

Here are 5 things that the USPS wants you to do with your mailbox. 

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