I don't think I've ever been on the receiving end of customer service like this before!

We shared numerous stories over the years about how in today's world good customer service seems to be a thing of the past. We have all complained at one time or another about long lines, waiting on hold forever, or in some cases having a hard time making a return at a store either in person or online. Admit it, you've done it.....LOL!

Social Media Complainers

I know that anytime BAD customer experiences happen many of us take to social media to share our frustrations. Normally the posts will go on about how the person felts like they weren't serviced the correct way. I get it and yes, I've been there, but what about when we get customer service that blindsides us in a GOOD way? I know that I always see more negative comments than positive so that is why I felt it necessary to share what happened to me last week.


Big Name in Pets has the BEST Return Policy

Earlier this month it was my dog Small's birthday and to celebrate the big day I decided to go online and buy him a few gifts. I've been a fan of buying most of my pet needs on the website Chewy for a few years now so that's where my gift buying started. I ordered him a new collar, a few birthday treats, and a new harness, done and done. After waiting a few days the shipment arrived and when I opened it, we tried the harness on and it was too small.

I looked in the box and couldn't find any instructions for returns, so later that day I went to their website to try and figure out how to return it. After looking around I found that to make a return I needed to send them a message about the return and why I was returning the item. I wrote, "I would like to return the harness as it doesn't fit." Simple and to the point! Two hours later I got an email back that pleasantly surprised me.


Chewy Returns are the Best

The email said that they were sorry that the harness didn't fit and that they have processed a full refund for it but instead of sending it back to them they said,

"We'd like to take this chance to pay it forward. Here at Chewy, we are encouraged to help local communities whenever possible and I'd appreciate your help. Instead of returning the order to us, would you please donate it to some furry friends in need? You can donate to a shelter or rescue group on our behalf. We'd be happy to know that it's going to help some pets who could benefit from it."

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The email ended with, "Please give Smalls our a-paw-logies and all our love." WOW!! That is an amazing way to make a customer like me feel AWESOME and to help our local pet rescues.


Pet Rescues in the Hudson Valley

Now that I have a harness to donate I thought I would share some of the places that are in need of pet supplies in the Hudson Valley:

Dutchess County Pet Rescues

Hudson Valley Animal Rescue & Sanctuary - 9 Barnes Dr, Arlington, NY
Dutchess County SPCA - 636 Violet Ave, Hyde Park, NY
Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County (Care of DC) - 1 Commerce Court, Wappingers Falls, NY

Ulster County Pet Rescues

Take Me Home Pet Rescue - Highland, NY
Ulster County SPCA - 20 Wiedy Dr, Kingston, NY
Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary
Paws Unlimited - 637 Murray Rd, Kingston, NY

Orange County Pet Rescues

Pets Alive - 363 Derby Rd, Middletown, NY
Hudson Valley SPCA - 940 Little Britain Rd, New Windsor, NY
Humane Society - Middletown, NY

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