Governor Cuomo said we can't drink at the bar unless we order food too so I guess we're doing grilled cheese shots now and I'm totally okay with it.

This is more my style, Lil Wayne.

I haven't been out of college very long but going out with some friends and drinking at a bar sure has changed over the last 10 years or even just in the past year. I used to stay out all night and do shots of Vodka with the boys but those days are long behind me. I'm older now and I'm more mature. I think I finally found a shot I can handle and will please my refined pallet.

There's so many uncertain things to worry about these days. One thing that you're always certain to find in the Hudson Valley is delicious and creative food.

I recently came across one of the the craziest and delicious looking foods offered at a local Hudson Valley restaurant. Prohibition River in Nyack has some amazing looking food. If it's not broke I'm usually the one to say don't worry about fixing and grilled cheese sandwich was definitely on the list. I didn't think it could get any better but I was wrong. The pub in Nyack found a new twist on everyone's favorite comfort food.

The grilled cheese shots are made Swiss and Gruyere cheese on thick cut Brioche and served in a roasted tomato bisque.


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