Every time it rains really hard or there is a Hurricane warning, do you get worried? We all probably know someone who has been affected by a Hurricane, especially with a bunch of people who have moved out of the Hudson Valley to the Carolinas and to Florida.

Do they have Hurricane insurance? Are homeowners in the Hudson Valley encouraged to get it? When was the last time that a hurricane came through our area? Do insurance companies even sell Hurricane Insurance to people in New York? Should we just have flood insurance?

When was the last hurricane that came through New York State or the Hudson Valley?

transformer on a pole and a tree laying across power lines over a road after Hurricane moved across
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While the names Katrina, Bill, and Irene might be familiar to people all across the United States, it was a junior not quite Hurricane, known as Tropical Storm Tammy that caused significant damage to the Hudson Valley in October of 2005. So, that being said, a hurricane has not directly impacted the Hudson Valley, just remnants of several different ones.

Can you even buy hurricane insurance if you live in New York State and the Hudson Valley?

The storm caused severe damage to electric poles falling tilt.

There have been a few different answers when I reached out to different insurance companies. Here is what they told me in a nutshell; many sell it, one or two had only sold a policy or two a year that had not been needed by the customer. One insurance company flat out told me that they don't sell it. They suggested another company for me to call.

So, do you need it? Only you can decide if you need it, living where we live. What do you think? Do you have it? Would you get it, if it only raised your current insurance by $25? $50? $100 per year?

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