Driving a car and you don't have insurance? Is that legal?

Well, it depends. Is it your car? Does that car have insurance? Is it a rental? Is it your friends? These seem to be the ways around YOU not having car insurance. You can legally drive any of the cars in the above situation, as long as you have a legal/valid drivers license for that class of vehicle.

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But what about the other times? Say you were a day or two late with your payment?

The insurance companies electronically communicate with the Department of Motor Vehicles. What does that mean? Big Brother, aka the DMV and New York State, is always watching you.

If you get pulled over in your car and you don't have insurance, what can happen?

  • You can get arrested and get a ticket, for insurance lapse.
  • Your car can get impounded. Then you will have to pay additional fees to get it back.
  • The DMV will say, thanks for playing, but your out, by taking away your drivers license and your car registration.

What if its your friend or someone else who borrowed your uninsured car?

  • If your car is in an accident and you knowingly let someone drive your car, when you didn't have insurance, then YOU still get the penalties. Yep, you will need to pay money for fines and penalties, plus the DMV can revoke your license for at least one year. Plus, there are additional fees that you can potentially get hit with when you have your day in traffic court.

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