So, you are headed out for a 'night on the town' with your friends. You are hoping to stop into one of your favorite watering holes to grab a few drinks. It is later than you thought so there is a bouncer or a member of their security team at the door checking ID's, they take yours.

Yes, I said they take yours and they (thinking that it is fake) keep it. Is that legal? Can they do that? What do you do if it is a real ID and not fake? How can you handle this?

Can the bouncer legally keep your ID, or driver's license in New York State?


Is your ID or driver's license real? If it is a legit, real driver's license and the bouncer is just busting your chops, and your ID is real (believe it or not or not this has happened to me and another one of my friends in our early 20's) then say, "Ok, Let's call the police and ask them to verify that my ID is real." You can call the police on the non-emergency number and explain the situation. By this point, you are probably just going to want to go to another location. 

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What if the bouncer wants to keep your ID and its fake?

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Do you want to go to jail? If the bouncer wants to keep it and its fake, let them, then walk quickly away. Don't you know you can get into serious legal trouble if you attempt to purchase alcohol before you turn 21?

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