If you’ve been to Target, you’ve probably seen those big red balls in the parking lot. Well, a Hudson Valley woman's car got smashed by one.

Eileen Grady recently wrote about her bizarre encounter with a Target ball on Facebook. The Pearl River woman wrote that she was driving into the Bergen Town Center Outlet Mall in Paramus N.J. when she heard a loud bang and realized something hit her car.

“I stopped my car and another driver informed me one of Target's big red balls, which are located in front of their stores, had rolled into my car and struck my driver's door,” Grady wrote.

According to Grady, the damage to her year-old car is $3,500, which Target is refusing to pay under claims the company isn’t responsible.

“The Paramus police officer went into Target and viewed the video which showed a pickup truck hitting the big red ball, dislodging it from its pedestal and onto the trajectory of my car,” Grady stated.

ABC 7 obtained and posted surveillance video which shows the events transpiring exactly as Grady said.

However, after reviewing the video, police weren't able to get a clear look at the truck’s license plate.

“A Target employee said he recognized the man who had been driving the pickup as he had just purchased some items in their store and in all likelihood may have used a debit/credit card for his purchase,” she said.

But, Target won't tell Grady if they ever tried to locate the driver through his purchase, she says.

ABC asked Target to reconsider Grady’s claim, but the request was denied.

Last week, Westgate Construction, LLC posted photos to their Facebook page after they reinstalled balls at the Paramus Target location.

What’s next for Eileen Grady? Monday, she wrote on Facebook that she will see Target “in court.”

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