A supermarket chain with many Hudson Valley locations announced major changes to its "industry-leading" rewards program.

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On Monday, Price Chopper/Market 32 announced an expansion to its AdvantEdge Rewards Program. In addition to food and fuel, the company will allow customers to use their earned rewards to support local schools, pay down student loans, donate to charity, purchase specialty kitchen products and enter periodic sweepstakes.

“Price Chopper Supermarkets/Market 32 is laser-focused on fulfilling the needs and desires of our customers at every point of engagement. We understand that all shoppers are different, so we created a variety of options to engage and reward more customers. And because we know our customers appreciate the convenience of accessing and redeeming points whenever and wherever they like, we made the experience fully mobile,” Group Vice President of Marketing, Price Chopper Supermarkets/Market 32 Glen Bradley stated.

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The new plan adds a mobile-based personalized customer experience to the rewards card. Customers continue to earn a point for every dollar spent shopping in-store and online. Now, in addition to food and fuel, points can be applied to supporting local schools, paying down student loans, donating to charities, entries for periodic shopping spree and vacation sweepstakes, MasterChef branded products and more.

“Price Chopper deserves credit for taking a leadership position in the grocery rewards space. They have their finger on the pulse of consumer trends and recognized that today’s diverse and discerning consumer base demands a broader array of rewards options. So, they took action to enhance their program with a user experience and rewards that are even more compelling to customers,” said Dan Dmochowski, President of North America for tcc.

More new ways for customers to earn and redeem AdvantEdge Rewards points are expected in the coming months, officials say.

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