Some parents were shocked when their child said they were told to eat lunch with masks on. School officials say "there were some minor blips."

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Monday was the first day of the Minisink Valley Central School District's return to students being in the classroom four days a week.

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In preparation schools officials reminded parents and guardians of the following guidelines:

  • The good health and safety of all our students, faculty and staff are our first priority.
  • Daily completion of the SNAP Student Health Assessment is required: SNAP Student Health Assessment
  • Students will continue to be socially distanced to the greatest extent possible (3 feet minimum).
  • Students are required to wear masks at all times. Teachers/staff will administer mask breaks throughout the day.
  • As an additional layer of protection, polycarbonate desk dividers will be utilized whenever students are unable to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • Regular hand washing will be required.
  • Masks are required on buses. Masked students may be sitting with masked, non-family members.

On Tuesday, Minisink Valley Central School District stated the elementary schools "successfully" began four days of in-person instruction. However, some parents say the return was anything but successful.

Parents on social media claim their children told them they were told on Monday they had to cover their faces with a mask while chewing during lunch.

A Minisink Valley Central School District spokesperson would not confirm. The spokesperson tells us children are not required to eat while wearing a mask but admits there were some "minor blips" on Monday.

"Students are not required to eat while wearing a face mask," the spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post. "During Monday's first day of our first week of four days of in-person instruction, there were some minor blips, as all school districts encountered, as all districts were addressing newly issued guidance from the state. There has never been such a policy, and never will be."

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