In a move against the norm, a retailer in the lower Hudson Valley will be closing its doors on Black Friday.

A major outdoor goods retailer as announced for the fourth year in a row, they will be closing their doors on Black Friday. In an email to its subscribers, REI announced they are urging people to #OptOutside instead of shopping on Black Friday.

On their website, REI explains why they believe it's important to get outside this Black Friday, and all the time. They cite a study saying that half of Americans don't get outside once a year for any outdoor activity, even a short jog on the street. As an an outdoor goods retailer, it only makes sense for them to want people to get outside.

To really implement their #OptOutside initiative, REI has a section on their website to help you find local parks and trails in your area.

REI has a location in Yonkers in the Hudson Valley.

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