A legendary restaurant in the Hudson Valley says it was forced to close down after nearly 20 years in business over immigration crackdowns and deportations.

On Wednesday, we reported Mexican Radio in Hudson announced it was closing for good. The Mexican restaurant's last day was August 11.

In a message on their website, the owner said they were forced to close because many of their employees were "forcibly and violently ejected from this country."

Many of those same Culinary Brothers, who worked right beside us for close to 20 years and who were key to helping us launch all 3 Mexican Radio locations, have now been forcibly and violently ejected from this country, tearing out the very soul of our kitchen staff, our Familia de Cocina.

“We’re getting hit from every angle. We’re getting hit with it on an immigration level, we’re getting hit with it on a basic working middle-class level,” Owner Lori Selden said to ABC on the phone. "Where people need two or three jobs, or they have to leave because they can’t afford to live where they’re living.”

In a Facebook post, the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, an organization that provides support and protection to immigrants, regardless of immigration status, backed up the owner's claim.

“I would say restaurants especially in city of Hudson have been hurt by ICE raids,” Executive Director of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement Brian MacCormack told CBS. “We worked with lot of different restaurants. We do believe within the last couple of weeks they have been the target of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

In an updated message on its website, Mexican Radio apologized if their words started a controversy, but also stand by the statement.

In light of the closing of Mexican Radio Hudson, we understand our words have created some controversy. Though we stand by our statements, it was not our intention to insult or divide our community. It is, in fact, a united community that we have always looked to develop, be part of, and serve.

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