A number of local residents are declaring the Hudson Valley as a “Hate Free Zone.”

This weekend more than 200-people gathered St. Luke’s Church on Wolcott Avenue in Beacon to take a stand against hate.

The Hudson Valley Hate Free Zone team wants people and organizations to stand together to help protect communities that could be targets of hate.

“In this period of uncertainty and attacks on many of our communities (immigrants, Black folks, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ, women, Latinos, workers, youth, and many others), it is more critical than ever that our communities come to the forefront of leading the fights internally, and in partnership with other communities,” the movement wrote on their website.

The movement hopes Hudson Valley residents, businesses and organizations will declare their houses, offices, or buildings as "Hate Free Zones."

Click here, to pledge your support against hate in the Hudson Valley, and to find out about more hate-free assemblies.