Refillery stores are becoming more and more popular and are starting to open up all over the area. What is a refillery store and where are they located in the Hudson Valley?

It's 2023 and people are starting to be more conscious of their carbon footprint. Whether it's driving an electric car, walking or biking more or investing in renewable energy sourced for their home New York residents have started to see a trend in doing their part to help the environment.

Recycling and not wasting food and plastics is another way to help. There's been another growing trend here in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Shopping at refillery stores.

Have you heard of a refillery store before? If you haven't you may because one might be popping up near your neighborhood very soon.

What is a refillery store and where are they in the Hudson Valley?

What is a refillery store? It's actually a pretty simple concept. It's a store that allows  customers to buy and then refill their own containers rather than continuing to purchase new plastic containers over and over again and then throw them in the trash. The stores often stock products like soaps laundry detergents, shampoos and other cleaning products. Often the stores offer sustainable and environmentally safe products. Some stores even have grocery items.

These refillery stores offer a variety of sustainable groceries and products for shoppers were are conscious about their amount of waste.

Here is a list of 4 local refillery stores that span all across the Hudson Valley region. Shopping at these stores regularly can help contribute to a cleaner environment.

4 Refillery Stores in The Hudson Valley


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