Local police chief warns of harassment of off-duty officers.

Today I think that most of us are aware of the social injustices that have gone on and continue to go on across the United States. I believe that change has to happen NOW, but some people are taking their frustrations out in very dangerous ways, and that has to stop.

It seems like almost everyday we have a news story that has someone harassing or worse, shooting at police officers and now we have a Hudson Valley Police Chief worried for his officers and other officers safety across the Valley.

According to News 10, Town of Lloyd Police Chief James Janso has officially warned his officers about potential threats to officers in and around Ulster County. Janso has told officers to be on the lookout for anything placed on officers personal vehicles that could make it easy for someone to identify that they are police.

The Chief said that he warned his officers to inspect their personal cars and trucks for small stickers or anything that has been put on them to make it easy for someone to identify the car as belonging to a police officer.

Janso told News 10 that he recently went before the Town Board to let the town now that over the last 60 days several of his officers have noticed cars parked outside of their residences. Some have reported that the same cars have driven by repeatedly, with some even stopping to take pictures of the officer’s home.

So far Janso said that five officers have reported this happening to them recently, and that has him worried for his officers safety. With that he has mandated that all officers on patrol in the Town of Lloyd area make sure to pass homes of fellow officers who live in the town.

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