For the next few days, the skies over the Hudson Valley may look a little different.

If you haven't been paying attention to the news, there are wildfires ravaging the west coast. is reporting that over 16,500 firefighters in California have been fighting 28 wildfires. Sadly, 24 people have died in the blazes and 24 structures have been destroyed.

While the fires rage on in California, the National Weather Service is saying that we will soon bee seeing some side effects of the fires.

On Monday, September 14th, 2020, the National Weather Service in Albany shared a radar of what they explain is smoke from the fires making its way east.

If you looked out to enjoy the Hudson Valley sunset on Monday evening, you probably noticed, was a bright red and orange with a thin line of smoke over it. I tried to take a picture, but obviously an iPhone camera doesn't do it justice:


The National Weather Service in Burlington Vermont says that we can expect more of that this week. In a tweet they shared the following information:

A quick glance at an experimental model shows we'll likely continue see smoke over the North Country until a cold front swings through on Thurs.

If you missed the burning sunset on Monday, you'll still have a chance to catch a glimpse until Thursday.

While we're grateful to get some amazing sunsets this week, we understand that our friends in California are still struggling. If you have the means to do so there are several ways you can help those battling the wildfires and those affected by them.

You can directly to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation on their website. The American Red Cross jumped into action right away and is collecting donations as well as the California Community Foundation, which provides "emotional and financial assistance to families of fallen firefighters, firefighter and the communities they protect." according to


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