The handshake, the gesture that says hello as well as you gotta deal. The form of human communication we all enjoyed until later winter 2020. That's right COVID-19 changes the practice of the handshake into the hand wave. Some have started the fist bump but lets face it that was already happening before we had to social distance.

I am bringing up this new normal fact because this Thursday should be National Handshake Day. According to the National Days Calendar the last Thursday in June is the day we celebrate the handshake which apparently goes back before the written word. It's believed that Medieval Knights used it to see if their counterparts were carrying hidden weapons. There is even evidence that the handshake goes back to the 5th century BC. The history of the handshake is actually kind of interesting and definitely worth a quick reading.

It does seem if the handshake has been around this long we should be able to figure out away in this current COVID-19 environment to continue the tradition even if it is only for this Thursday. Obviously, their are other ways to greet people. Not every culture believes a handshake is appropriate. One suggestion that was made was to use the Indian tradition of Namaste it uses your hands but you can stay 6 feet apart and keep your social distance.

Whatever you decided to do this Thursday let's just hope that we get back to a world soon where people can great each other with a handshake or even better a hug. Stay Safe,

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