Let's face it most of us take a photo of our pet on a regular basis but if you don't All American Pet Photo Day is the one day a year where you should be sure to snap a picture of your pet.

Needing a picture of our pet may seem silly until you give it some thought. Besides the obvious reason which is bragging about how cute they are and comparing photos with your co-workers, there are some more critical reasons you should have an updated photo of your furry or even scaly family member.

Reasons you might not have thought of to have a recent pet photo:

If your pet gets lost an updated photo will be a big help in finding them. You will be able to upload it straight to social media from your phone.

domestic rat in a cage eating cookies

Social media is a big reason to have the latest photo of your pet. Using their likeness instead of yours can keep you off the grid a bit from the trolls and the haters.

Pig, Animal, Animal Eye, Animal Head, Eye

A happy thought. Having a pet photo loaded on your phone can be a great thing to glance at if your day is going sound. Their gaze will keep you pleasant and hopefully take your mind off the work stress.

Tarantula spider on white background.

If someone has to pick up your pet for you from daycare, the kennel or the vet. You want to be sure to send them a picture so they don't bring home the wrong dog.

Beagle puppy sitting in green grass

So this Sunday, snap away with a real camera or just your cell phone. Tell that animal/critter in your life they matter by taking a photo that you can plan to keep forever. Then stick a reminder in your fun for July 11, 2022.

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