A man from the Hudson Valley is going to help reveal shocking truths about an infamous water park that’s just miles away from the area.

"Class Action Park" will be the first-ever feature-length documentary about Action Park. The amusement park was open from 1978 until 1996 in Vernon, N.J. The park, which is now Mountain Creek, was infamous for its very dangerous rides, leading many to call it “Class Action Park,” “Accident Park,” or “Traction Park.”

Seth Porges is a co-director and co-producer for the documentary. His previous short-film on Action Park was viewed by many and help inspire the film "Action Point." “Jackass” and “Bad Grandpa” star Johnny Knoxville starred and produced the film.

Porges lives in Beacon and New York City, he told Zocalo Public Square. He also owns what's described as a "tiny home" in Marlboro, Today reports, which he rents on Airbnb.

A release date for the feature-length documentary on Action Park hasn't been announced, but is said to be "Coming soon."

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