The Hudson Valley is rallying behind a resident who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

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On Sunday, August 30, Jake Reyes of Putnam County was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. The 2016 Putnam Valley High School graduate who played baseball and football suffered serious injuries including fractures to his skull, face, jaw, shoulder and spinal cord, according to Joseph Spinola.

Spinola says Reyes was seriously injured despite wearing CE approved helmet and motorcycle apparel. Spinola adds health insurance isn't covering the medical cost.

To help the Reyes family, Spinola started a GoFundMe and decided to run 100 miles in three days.

"Jake and his family have a long road ahead in terms his rehabilitation. My goal is to ensure that they stay focused on his full recovery and not have to worry about any financial burden," Spinola wrote in the GoFundMe.

Spinola started his 100-mile run on Sunday. Many of Jake's friends completed the last mile of the run with Spinola.

"In a dark time for our PV family the community came together and showed support like no other for my brother @jrey19," Spinola wrote on Instagram after finishing his 100-mile run. "I can’t thank everyone enough for the help and support for my brother through these times and no amount of words can express how grateful I am to be apart of a community like this one. We can officially put a check mark next to the #100ForJake ✅. I wish everyone all love and again thank you again for the support and please keep our brother in your prayers as he deals with the recovery process."

As of this writing, $23,200 has been raised.

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