Black Friday as we know it could soon be a thing of the past.

Plenty of stores have announced that they will close their doors on Thanksgiving this year. These announcements come because of the COVID-19 pandemic and policies against gathering. If you've ever gone shopping on Thanksgiving night, you know it is a spectacle of a gathering. Well now, the next thing that is getting cancelled to avoid gatherings is Black Friday. According to CNN, Home Depot has canceled Black Friday this year.

Instead of having just one day of mega sales, Home Depot announced that they will be having two months of mega sales. CNN reports that the discounts will start in early November and last through December. Home Depot said they are hoping to reinvent Black Friday by reducing stress for customers who rush into stores in groups for incredible holiday deals. Home Depot also added that maintaining safety was also part of the decision.

Black Friday sales have been taking a hit for years now as Cyber Monday increases in popularity. Rather than fighting a crowd in a store at the crack of dawn, consumers have been opting to stay at home on the couch and get the best deals shipped right to them. Business Insider reports that some retailers even have more sales for Cyber Monday now than Black Friday.

Will you be going out on Black Friday this year? I normally go every year, but 2020 will be different for me. The thought of holiday shopping right now also makes me want to cry.

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