A company from the Hudson Valley which makes the Oscar statuettes been hired to fix the 'Charging Bull' statue in New York City.

The Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry from Orange County will help repair the iconic Wall Street bull statue that was damaged by a tourist.

"Polich Tallix are assessing and examining the damages done to Arturo Di Modica’s iconic 'Charging Bull' on Wall Street this week," the company wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

According to the Rock Tavern based company, Polich Tallix has worked closely with the sculpture’s creator, Arturo Di Modica, over the years and recently produced miniature 'Charging Bull' statuettes in polished stainless steel.

Di Modica hired Polich Tallix to fix the sculpture’s head, the Wall Street Journal reports. However, repairs won't start until Di Modica travels to New York from Sicily at the end of the month.

The iconic ‘Charging Bull’ statue weighs 7,000 pounds and is 16 feet long. Repairs are expected to take place at the statue's current location on Broadway and should take several days. Repairs are estimated to cost $15,000.

The bull's head was damaged when a Texas man went up to the bull and smashed it over and over again with a banjo, police say. The 43-year-old's motive remains unclear.

Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry has produced the Oscar award in recent years.

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