A magical gnome has appeared in the Hudson Valley. Okay, so we don't know if it's actually magical, but you have to admit it is pretty cool.

Winter weather has landed in the Hudson Valley. You can't escape the snow, wind, sleet, ice, and cold until at least the end of March. However, one can argue that the winter weather makes for beautiful views and is a beacon of fun outdoor activities across the mid-Hudson region. Like building a snowman...or perhaps a snow gnome!

Snow Art at its Finest

Facebook user and Hudson Valley resident Michelle Reed, was out and about in Orange County in mid-January when she came across what looked to be a snow-gnome.  Reed tells us she snapped the above photo in Rock Tavern and added:

I was so happy and amazed when I found it. It’s still in Rock Tavern NY. But as you can imagine it’s shrinking and dirty now.


A shrinking, dirty gnome sounds more like the gnomes and trolls we learned about in folklore. Maybe it will return to its full size if the Hudson Valley gets hit with another snowstorm.

Is it a snow-gnome? Or is it Old Man Winter? Whatever it may be, you have to admit that it's an impressive work of snow art. If you know the artist, please forward our praise!


The Hudson Valley is no stranger to magical gnomes. Did you know Ulster County is the home to one of the world's largest garden gnomes? You can find him on Route 209 between Accord and Kerhonkson right in front of Kelder's Farm.

At one point in time, the rather large garden gnome held the title of "Worlds Largest Garden Gnome," but was dethroned back in 2010.

Have you seen the Snow Gnome? What about the Gnome at Kelder Farms? We'd love to see your photos. Send them our way through our mobile app.

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