We just learned how you can snag a $99 ticket from the Hudson Valley to many iconic European destinations.

A spokesperson from PLAY airline reached out to Hudson Valley Post about an incredible deal for Hudson Valley travelers.

Flights From SWF to Europe for under $100


"The winter months are just around the corner and for New Yorkers looking to escape the dark winter days, now is the time to book their next getaway," the spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post in an email. "Whether for a holiday vacation, winter wellness trip, or spontaneous adventure, booking a European getaway now can help travelers beat the seasonal blues!"

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Starting today, Monday, Oct. 30, PLAY is offering a flash deal of $99 flights from New York Stewart International Airport to popular European destinations.

Hudson Valley travelers can fly from New York Stewart International Airport to the following European destinations:

"PLAY brings a no-frills approach for students, solo travelers, families, and friends to save on trips, enabling them to pick and choose what type of travel experience they would like so they can spend their money at Christmas markets, New Year’s Eve dinners, or Icelandic spas. The airline provides a relaxed, simple, and streamlined approach to service with reliable flights staffed with helpful cabin crew that will guide passengers and assist for a comfortable and safe flight," PLAY said in a press release.

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Flights from Hudson Valley To Iceland, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Dublin, Berlin, Athens, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam

Berlin skyline with Spree river at sunset, Germany
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Hudson Valley travelers can from the Orange County, New York airport to Iceland, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Dublin, Berlin, Athens, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

The $99 flash deal is only good for flights booked between November 2023 through March 2024.

The flash deal includes PLAY’s Basic Bundle, a travel option with a small personal item included.

"Following high travel demand in the summer, PLAY is offering a flash deal to continue this trend through the new year, providing U.S. travelers with affordable flights to their dream destinations. PLAY’s unbeatable deal on flights to Europe’s most charming winter destinations will enable travelers to book themselves a trip to look forward to, making the colder and darker months go by faster and helping get over the hustle and bustle of the holidays, PLAY CEO Birgir Jónsson stated.


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The flash deal runs from Monday through November 3, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. CLICK HERE for tickets.

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