Some of this year's hottest Christmas toys are temporarily back in stock, but you better act fast.

We told you last week that Fingerlings, the robotic small monkeys that retail for $14.99, were sold out everywhere in the Hudson Valley. Since then some people have reported seeing a few pop up at Walmart in Newburgh and some local Gamestop locations. But those highly sought after toys disappeared as quickly as they were put out on shelves.

Other big Christmas items have also been briskly selling out, including the new Hatchimals Surprise and LOL Big Surprise balls. The new version of Hatchimals is building on the success of last year's biggest Christmas toy. We caught up with people who lined up overnight for the original Hatchimal last year and couldn't believe what lengths they went to to get the number one present on their kids' list.

If you want to avoid frostbite and hours of aggravation this year, Toys R Us in Poughkeepsie just got a new shipment of the Hatchimal Surprise this week. The new version contains (spoiler alert) twins. The Poughkeepsie store is limiting purchases to just one per customer.

Similar limitations are being put on LOL Big Surprise, which contain mystery prizes as well as Fingerlings, which were still nowhere to be found in the store. Empty pegs where Fingerlings would be hanging displayed a sign instead that indicated the robotic monkeys were a "hot item" and not currently in stock.

Are you already trying to hunt down those impossible to find Christmas gifts? We'd love to hear about your quest. Share your shopping list and any successes on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.

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