I don't know about you, but I still get excited about Halloween. There's nothing like pouring a glass of wine, eating fun-sized candy and watching scary movies while not answering your door for trick-or-treaters.

Unfortunately, big companies don't have the time to bask in the greatness that is the holidays. They have things to sell and must shove it in our face as soon as possible.

I'm looking at you Target.

Last week Target announced they were going to avoid the "Christmas Creep." Meaning, they wouldn't rush past Halloween and Thanksgiving by slowing down the holiday promotion.

However, according to Huffington Post Target hasn't kept their word.

Christmas trees, holiday themed outfits and the Target holiday gift book all came out recently. All before November 1st.

Personally I don't understand why we need the early promotion. It's not like we're going to forget about Christmas. Dear Target, it happens every December 25th. We get it.

Don't believe me? Head to Target in Poughkeepsie or Kingston, Christmas will slap you right in the face.

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