Top officials and Hudson Valley residents are upset that a building on a "historic" street  "literally gives the middle finger to the rest of us."

On Wednesday, Kingston Mayor Steve Noble issued a statement about a City of Kingston building that " literally gives the middle finger to the rest of us."

Offensive Sign Appears in Historic Kingston, New York

"The residents of Uptown Kingston deserve good neighbors- not offensive images," Noble said in a statement. "The Woolworth building, an integral part of our City's historic district, not bombards passersby with an advertisement that literally gives the middle finger to the rest of us."

Mayor Noble is taking issue with an advertisement at the former Woolworth building on Wall Street which reportedly advertises for a Dutchess County farm.


"Property records show that this building is owned by 311 Wall Street, LLC, which has allowed this historic property to remain vacant since purchasing it in 2018," Noble stated. "That same corporation has sued our City more than a dozen times; but this behavior detracts from the quaint neighborhood character that it alleges to care so much about"

The ad features five women giving the finger below the words "We Just Want To Have Fun." According to Noble, the ad is near a popular candy store.

"This is not who we are as a City. No one should have to see or explain to their children while walking to a nearby candy store why a sign showing five middle fingers and a curse word looms above the historic district's streets.


Jane's Ice Cream and Kingston Candy Bar are located next door to 311 Wall Street, where the offensive images were posted, according to Google Maps.

Noble believes Kingston residents deserve good neighbors and not offensive images. Noble wants the city's corporation counsel to review the signage's legality.

"I have asked our Corporation Counsel to review the legality of this signage, and I stand with the community in demanding an end to this “bad neighbor” behavior. All property owners must work with—not against—their communities as we continue to move forward together," Noble concluded.

The offensive images showed the rock band The Runways flipping the bird in a photo taken in the mid-1970s.

Premiere Of "The Runaways" - Arrivals
Getty Images

CLICK HERE to see the image. The Runaways were an all-woman rock band featuring Joan Jett.

The offensive images were removed, after Noble's statement.

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