Do you ever see a house in a magazine or on Zillow and think I could live there. 100 Shore Drive in New Windsor is definitely one of those types of houses. It seems to have everything you would want in a house and maybe a few extras.

This amazing old historic home actually dates back to when the Hudson Valley was first being settled. It is actually older than the lake it is next to. Beaver Dam Lake was man made in the 1800's this charmingly modernized house with 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths was build in 1746. It actually was built on a land grant issued by King George II.

I was actually thinking that George Washington might have slept the house but something like that can't be verified. Maybe just someone who knew George or was around when he was here in the Hudson Valley. So what are some of the reasons that would make this house the perfect home for anyone interest in owning a piece of Hudson Valley history?

1 - The Style

No doubt that this house has stood the test of time but so has it's style. The original feature lend themselves to all the modern renovations. The house is timeless.

2 - The Yard

With a giant side yard that gives you a view of the lake you will always have a place to sit and enjoy the seasons.

3 - The Size

A 6 bedroom house is a big house for family and / or friends. And with 4.5 bathrooms there truly is room for everyone. IF we learn nothing over the past year and a half we have definitely learn having enough room in a house for everyone is key.

And if none of those work for your take the tour - there is an inground pool, a stone fireplace, a giant kitchen and more.

Historical Orange County House With a Modern Touch or Two

You aren't going to find a house like this just anywhere. This home located in New Windsor, New York is situated on Beaver Dam Lake and has been around long enough that King George II issued it's land grant. Built in 1746 it is a true piece of Hudson Valley history that has been meticulously updated to retain its authentic charm and character. This house is actually older then the lake you can see from it's yard.

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