Who doesn’t like free money!? With one simple task, FedEx is going to give you $5.

FedEx wants you to download, update, or reinstall Adobe Flash. Chrome, Mozilla and Safari browsers either disable or don’t include in plugin.

If you don’t have Adobe Flash installed, you’ll be sent to this website, which lists a number of ways on how you can add the plugin and how to receive $5 from the company for installing Adobe Flash.

As always, there is a catch. The $5 can only be used on FedEx orders over $30.

“As a thank you for your patience and for being a valued FedEx Office customer, please use “FLA726” at checkout to receive $5 off on orders over $30,” the offer states.

The shipping company uses Adobe Flash for its FedEx Office features like printing labels. If you don’t want to use Adobe Flash, you can use FedEx’s Print and Go service from your email, mobile app, or USB.

FedEx said it’s planning to upgrade its online shipping software in the future.

“In the interim, as a gesture of appreciation for any inconvenience in the ordering process, we are offering our customers a courtesy discount," a FedEx spokesperson said in a statement to Cnet.

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