One officer went above and beyond to help out someone who was suffering. It seems like the world we live in is getting more dangerous and tough to manage. A lot of people are suffering and it can be rough for people going through a difficult time. One man was in distress and a police officer from the Harrison Police Department was able to help save the man and showed us what being a hero looks like.

Harrison NY Police Department Facebook
Harrison NY Police Department Facebook

What exactly happened during the incident?

According to the post, back in April, Officer Dan Caldarola was responding to a call about a man sitting on an overpass over I-287. Officer Caldarola responded right away and was quickly able to speak and build a rapport with the troubled individual. During that time, other units and officers were able to secure the bridge and remove any potential danger in the area.

A happy ending to a scary start:

Officer Caldarola did not hesitate and was able to grab the subject and bring him to safety. The individual was further evaluated from there and brought to treatment. Wow, that must have been scary for everyone involved, but you would have never known how quick and calm Officer Caldarola was.

A special honor for a special person:

Officer Caldarola received the 'Officer of the Month' honor for the month of July for his heroic effort. The post mentions that his calm demeanor and quick thinking saved the man and he was able to keep him calm during a terrible moment. It's a great ending to a very bad start.

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Thank you, Officer Caldarola, the Harrison Police Department, and all other Hudson Valley Police Officers for keeping all of us safe and helping the community.

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