You can say cheers or opa. There are so many cool festivals going on right now in the Hudson Valley and it can be hard to keep track of them all. I usually see a sign for one and in the moment say "I have to check that one out", but then I completely forget to go. I'm trying to change that and this one might be the most unique one festival I've ever heard of and it definitely seems like it will be a great time.


What unique festival will be going on in the Hudson Valley?

It's a little bit of a twist on a traditional Oktoberfest event, this one is called 'Greektoberfest'. My mouth is already watering...there will be gyros, souvlakis on the stick and more traditional Greek foods. How about the alcohol? Don't worry, there will still be a large collection of beer and spirits to pick from.

When will 'Greektoberfest' be going on?

The event will be held on Saturday October 22nd, from 11:00am-8:00pm. Where?  'Greektoberfest' will be happening at the Poughkeepsie Hellenic Center on 54 Park Avenue in Poughkeepsie.

What other events are going on in the Hudson Valley?

We'd be here all day if I went into everything, but there will be a pretty cool cider tasting event going on in the month of October, who doesn't love a good cider? Also, an amazing Beer, Whiskey & Wine will be happening as well and it has a little something for everyone. Cheers to all the fun things that are right here in the Hudson Valley.

If you stop by any of the events, let us know how they are and send us a picture on the station app.

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