In spite of a pandemic, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile continues to travel across the country, as it spreads the good word of one of America's favorite cold-cut companies. But have you ever thought about having the famous Wienermobile at your wedding proposal? Why? well, why the hell not? What else could happen this year?

The company says you can have one of their six vehicles at your wedding proposal. best part? It's free. You can sign up here. Now, you can have the big, 27-foot wiener at one of your life's most important moments.

You may have seen the Wienermobile on TV, or even from the few times it's been spotted here in the Hudson Valley. In the past, Oscar Mayer has given people the chance to drive the giant wieners in a promotional capacity across the country. You'd get to stop by from one town to the next, and do interviews, appear on radio and television, and serve at charity functions. They even offered most expenses paid and benefits.

Just be careful!

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