I believe that 2020 has been the year that we have spent the most time home, which isn’t a bad thing. Throughout the months, there has been plenty of projects and organizing that I have done. You might have even picked up a new skill or two. I’m calling all painters, sketch artists and crafters; I have found a way to start on new projects. If you love flowers and cannot enjoy planting right now, there’s also a kit for that. Have you ever thought about purchasing to-go kits to do at home? I have found local shops here in the Hudson Valley that sell all different kind of fun, creative and unique ways to stay stimulated while enjoying the comfort of our homes.

These kits can be used by any age group and are meant to remind us to let loose and have fun.

As we approach winter, we may be looking for a way to stay occupied yet have fun while indoors. I know that I’ll be grabbing the planting kit for sure because I miss the joy of tending to my flowers. What kind of kit would you be interested in creating?


For local paint supplies, pastels and colorful toolkits follow this link.

Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

This local workshop has been running since 1982 and has welcomed all artists and educators into their space. Greenville Arms Inn has been their headquarters and provides a place of relaxation and creativity. They have lodging, unique art studios that are climate controlled along with meals on the premise. Whether you stop in just to purchase some supplies or to stay a while, it sounds like a tranquil place to be.

PO Box 659 Greenville, NY 12083

Tel: (518) 966-5219


For local ceramics, painting kits and wooden signs to go, check out the following link.

Paint A Peace Mobile Ceramic Studio

Paint A Peace is a diverse ceramics studio located in the Hudson Valley. They offer a variety of fun activities such as paint and sip options to wood sign and board painting and beer and wine painting as well. They also offer the option of creating ceramics, clay and mosaics. Paint A Peace brings fun to ladies nights, fundraisers, home school activities and more.



For local planting needs at home, check out this following website.

I truly love planting flowers in my garden and I miss it greatly especially when the winter hits. This local floral kit allows florists at heart to grow seeds and watch the beauty of flowers blossom before their eyes. This idea is super cool because these flowers are edible and can be added to food or cocktails.

The Floral Society

145 Palisade St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Phone: (914) 231-6615



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