Did you know that you can get certain vaccinations at local pharmacy's? Those vaccinations include, but not limited to, flu, shingles, tetanus, and pneumonia. The vaccinations are given to you by the pharmacist at those locations. 

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CVS, who has recently said that they would be one of the places where you could go to get your COVID-19 vaccination, now is saying that because of the anticipation of everyone wanting to get the vaccine, they are looking to hire Health Care Professionals to work at each one of their pharmacy locations to help meet the customer demand for the vaccines.

Have you already made up your mind to get a vaccine? Would you like to see if it is effective first? Or would you like to pass on getting the vaccine because it does not align with what you believe in?

Serve your community.
Help end this pandemic.
We are urgently hiring thousands of qualified pharmacists, nurses and pharmacy technicians to help administer COVID-19 vaccines when available to pharmacies.

If you work in one of the above job positions, here is the link for you to get more information and to apply. 

When will the vaccinations begin? Will you have to pay for the vaccine? Who will get the vaccine first? Do you need health insurance to be able to get the vaccine? These are just a few of the questions that can be answered on the CVS info website, click here. 

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