While meteorologists are calling for a warmer than usual weekend ahead, some are predicting the area could see its first major snowstorm of the season by the middle of next week. AccuWeather is reporting that some of the weather models are predicting a significant snowstorm hitting the Northeast. Could this mean up to a foot of snow? It's still too early to tell, though snow lovers may find this long range forecast interesting.

There are many factors that go into predicting the weather. You'll hear about the countless future models that many times either conflict with each other, or call for something completely out of left field. What to believe? Snowstorms during the middle of December can often miss the Hudson Valley, or totally fizzle out before doing anything. In this case, an area of high pressure from Canada could pump much colder air into the region, combined with wet air from the Atlantic. If the storm stalls, we could be in for serious snow.

Another factor to remember is location. Where will the storm hit the hardest? Could the heaviest areas of snow stay more inland, and affect upstate New York? Or we'll find the system trend more towards and west, and drop most of the snow on Pennsylvania? And the it could track north into Canada, and miss the whole area all together.

Of course this could mean absolutely nothing. Hudson Valley Weather does not have anything as of yet about next week's potential storm. HVW often waits until we're closer to a potential snowfall before they begin predicting any actual amounts or impacts on the area. Perhaps by late weekend we'll hear their thoughts on this set-up? However, AccuWeather's Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson feels that big time snow is on the way:

Since the storm in question is just under a week away, there are bound to be shifts in its track and strength. As of this time, at least, many of the indicators are pointing toward a significant storm for the Northeast during the middle of next week.

It is December in New York, of course. Snow does happen after all. We'll keep you up to date.

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