If you choose to get the vaccine, does that mean no more mask for you?

As we all get ready to choose whether or not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, one question many people are asking is if they get the vaccine will they still be required to wear a mask when out in public?

According to News 10, the answer is NO! Why?

To start, depending on which vaccine is available and which one you choose to take, will have an affect on how soon you will be fully vaccinated. The first of the coronavirus vaccines require two shots, with Pfizer’s vaccine, you get the first shot and then the second dose will have to be given three weeks after the first. The Moderna vaccine has the second dose given four weeks after the first.

With most vaccines, the effects aren't normally immediate, so that means you can still be at risk for the virus for some time. University of Washington vaccine expert Deborah Fuller told News 10 that, as of now it's unknown whether either of the vaccines will protect people from infection entirely, or just from symptoms, meaning vaccinated people might still be able to get infected and pass the virus on, although it would likely be at a much lower rate.

Health experts are also saying that anyone who does get vaccinated, should get some level of protection within a couple of weeks after the first shot, but being fully protected from the virus may not happen until a couple weeks after the second shot.

Our best bet is to continue to wear our masks and follow social distancing guidelines for some time, even after people are vaccinated.

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