Hudson Valley residents in Orange, Rockland and Sullivan Counties can expect safe ride home options New Year's Eve.

Dana Distributors has been serving Orange County, NY the freshest beer in the industry since 1970. They extended their service area, purchasing the Anheuser-Busch distribution rights for Rockland County in 2000 and Sullivan County in 2001. All three operations moved to a newly constructed 115,000 square foot facility in Goshen, NY twenty years ago in 2002. Today, Dana Distributors sells over three million cases annually, most notably Budweiser.

Alert Cab Program with Free Cab Ride Home or $10 Uber Credit

Dana Distributors will once again be providing free cab service or $10 Uber credit on New Year's Eve from 4pm-2am at all participating restaurants and taverns across Orange, Rockland and Sullivan Counties. You just have to ask the bartender or manager if you can take advantage of the ALERT Cab Program. For Uber, just look for the signs below for the Uber QR Code.

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Or you can surrender your keys then the bartender or manger will call a cab for you. Its that easy. Do Not Drink and Drive.


Dana Distributors
Dana Distributors

Dana Distributors stress that this is an alternative in case you feel uncomfortable to get behind the wheel. This is all courtesy of Dana Distributors. Always remember to enjoy responsibly. If You Drink, Don't Drive!!  We couldn't agree more and have to give kudos to Dana Distributors on the ALERT Cab Program. Its a great service to the residents in the Hudson Valley area, and an amazing program done annually. Cheers!

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