Gov. Andrew Cuomo released what formula and data he will use to determine if New York schools can reopen. He also said schools can still be closed if given a green-light to reopen.

Cuomo said hospitalizations of 792 is the lowest since March 18. 10 New Yorkers died from the virus in the past 24 hours, which is double the number reported on Sunday.

Over 51,680 COVID tests were conducted across New York on Sunday, with about 1.07 percent coming back positive. 0.8 percent of the Hudson Valley tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday.

Cuomo noted the numbers haven't ticked up, as was expected, during the reopening. Which he noted was great news.

On schools, Cuomo said there is a state formula that will determine if schools will reopen and state guidelines on how districts will reopen.

Cuomo said reopening schools has to be like reopening the economy. Based on facts, data and science, not data. He said you can't reopen schools if the virus is out of control.

"You reopen if it is safe to reopen. How do you know its safe? You look at the data," Cuomo said. "If you have the virus under control, reopen. If you don't you can't reopen. We aren't going to put our children in a place where their health is endangered."

Schools will reopen if a region is in Phase 4 and the daily infection rate remains below 5 percent or lower during a 14-day average.

Cuomo said a decision won't be made until the first week of August. He adds schools can still close if the infection rate increases.

Schools will close if the regional infection rate is greater than 9 percent using a 7-day average after August 1.

"It's purely on the numbers, purely on the science," he said.

He said the state will recommend students wear masks except when eating when students can't be socially distant.

According to Cuomo, a White House COVID model projects 40,000 more Americans will die if the nation doesn't have mask policy.

Cuomo was joined by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms who recently tested positive for coronavirus. Bottoms and her husband contracted COVID-19 from an asymptotic child, Bottoms confirmed

Bottoms talked about the "lack of leadership" at both the federal and state level. She added there needs to be a "coordinated" approach across the United States to battle and defeat the virus.

Bottoms also thanked Cuomo for his "leadership" and template on how to bend the COVID-19 curve.

Cuomo said he's sending help to Georgia as the state battles an increase in coronavirus cases.

Late in his briefing, Cuomo announced he signed new executive order for out-of-state travelers, from states on New York's travel advisory, to provide contact information when in New York to help enforce quarantining.

He added those who don't provide the information will be fined $2,000.

Cuomo said officials at airports will give travelers a form to fill out. The form can also be filled out online. The form must be filled out before leaving a New York airport.

"You must give officials at the airport a form as to where you came from and where you're going. If you leave the airport without providing the info you will receive a summons immediately with a $2,000 fine. None of this is pleasant, but we've gone through this before."

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