4th of July this year, 2018 lands on a Wednesday, so many people will be celebrating for more than just the one day, but they will be adding their celebration to the weekend before or the weekend after.

Here are a few facts about the United States of America's Flag, from wallethub.com

  • The current design of the flag has been the same since 1960
  • There have been 27 different versions of the flag. The only thing that has changed since the inception of the flag is the number of stars that are on the flag.
  • 62% of Americans own an American Flag
  • 1941 the year Congress made the 4th of July a Federal Holiday
  • Red on the flag, symbolize valor and hardiness
  • White on the flag, symbolize purity and innocence
  • Blue on the flag, symbolize 'vigilance, perseverance and justice'

Do you have an American flag at your home? Will you display it on the 4th of July?

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