A father and his children enjoying Spring-like temperatures in the Hudson Valley stumbled upon a dead body in the woods.

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Late Sunday morning a father was riding an off-road ATV with his children about a mile into the woods at Harriman State Park when he and his kids came across a dead man, according to Rockland Video.

An unattended ATV was found near the body, police say.


Police later identified the ATV driver as Andrew Columbia, 58, of Suffern. He was riding the ATV up a steep hill when the vehicle flipped and he was thrown from the ATV. It's unclear how long the man was dead in the woods.

It took first responders about 3.5 hours to conduct an investigation and get the body out. The only access point for first responders to get to the body was behind 8 Regis Court in the Village of Montebello.

The body was released to the Rockland County medical examiner. New York State Police and New York State Park Police are investigating.

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