Eve 6 is out on the road celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album. The tour rolled through Poughkeepsie Wednesday and brought back memories for the band and radio station alike.

A planned private acoustic set for less than 20 people kicked off the day at the new WRRV Sound Stage. Before the performance, I had a few lingering questions for the band. The guys got into more details about how they got signed to a record deal in high school and what came next.

As far as the future of Eve 6 goes, we were excited to learn that a covers album and maybe even a new original song could be coming at some point down the line.

When they're not out playing as Eve 6, founding members Max Collins and Jon Siebels are keeping things moving forward. Max has a new band called Fitness and Jon works for the management company that represents them called Killphonic Music Management.

Bonus Video: Check out Eve 6's Max Collins new band called Fitness.

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