Soundgarden along with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and others changed the game in the early 90s ushering in the grunge movement. Before Chris Cornell & company were practically household names, they performed a January 25, 1990 concert at the legendary Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie.

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Before the days of 'Spoonman' and 'Black Hole Sun', there was Louder Than Love, Soundgarden's 1989 classic release that they were out on the road in support of. It wasn't until October of 1991 did they release Badmotorfinger followed by Superunknown in 1994.

In the recently unearthed Chance Theater footage, the band rips through a nine-song 40-minute set as an opener for Vovoid. The set features Louder Than Love standout tracks, 'Hands All Over', and 'Loud Love' along with a tease of the Guess Who's American Woman and a Spinal Tap cover.

The Chance Theater originally opened back in 1912 and was known as Dutchess Theater. Current owner Frank Pallett has owned and operated the club since 1994 and booked a number of legendary concerts over the years including David Bowie, The Black Crowes (aka Mr. Crowes Garden), and Bob Dylan.

Here's a look at the concert footage and setlist courtesy of Concert Matrix Reloaded. Before clicking the link be aware there is some not safe for work (NSFW) language.

  1. 'Hands All Over'
  2. 'Gun'
  3. 'Loud Love'
  4. 'Get On The Snake'
  5. 'Big Dumb Sex'
  6. 'Full On Kevin's Mom'
  7. 'I Awake'
  8. 'Big Bottom' (cover)
  9. 'Beyond The Wheel'

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