A pony on the loose is causing a headache this morning for a few commuters in the Hudson Valley.

It's not something you get to report often but a horse is hoofing it on the Hudson Valley roadways. I've

I have been saying for years that we should have budgeted for a traffic helicopter but that proposal never seemed to make it to the right people. I bet the big decision makers are really regretting that this morning.

I really wish we had some eyes in the sky.

I know this seems like a joke but we're not horsing around here. A pony has reportedly escaped from it's enclosure and has caused some minor traffic delays in Millbrook.

According to our traffic center, the horse is in the lanes on Shunpike Road aka 57 just east of  West Meadow Lane. The incident is believed to be resolved.

If you have any pictures of the horse in the road please feel free to share them with us as this story is just so hard to believe. Though a story like this might come as a surprise to a lot of Hudson Valley residents outside of the Millbrook area but some residents that live there claim that this is not out of the ordinary and is a slightly common occurance.

Do you think that your boss would believe you if told him you were late for work because there was a horse in the road? If management doesn't

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