The beginning of 2020 hasn't exactly been a great year if you are trying to give up sweets or junk food. You may have started out the year with good, intentions but insert COVID-19 and suddenly the diet is out the window. I will admit more folks are getting out and spending time walking but let's face it, it would take a year of walking to work off some of the comfort foods we have been enjoying the last few months.

There was a saying that went around in early April that like the Freshman 15 we were all going to put on the Quarantine 15 or COVID 19 and sadly I wish I could say it wasn't true. I do know a few people who have done well and actually lost weight during all of this but for the most part everyone I talk to has put on a pound or 10. So it is rather fitting while we are all starting to get back to our routine and facing the fact that some clothes don't quite fit the way they use to that we celebrate National Junk Food Day.

The National Days Calendar has been able to establish the origin of the day, but it apparently is widely celebrated every July 21st. In case you a wondering what constitutes junk food the National Days group has qualified it as food that "by definition, typically contain high fats, sugars, salt, and calories and very little nutritional value".

I have actually tried to eat better during the outbreak. Grocery shopping weekly has encouraged me to by fresh fruits and veggies but the truth is I have also binge bought cookies, ice cream, candy and pastry like a college student in the 80's headed to a dollar party. I even ate a bag of Cheetos this past weekend. My hope is that by the end of the week I will have finished eating junk in honor of junk food day and be back to just my fruits and veggie. My COVID 10 needs to go.

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