This past year has been tough on everyone. COVID-19 has had us all doing things we never thought we would do. I can imagine being a parent over the last 12 months trying to figure out how to balance working a job and virtual learning. I feel fortunate that I am not of the age to have children trying to go to school at the kitchen table.

A lot of programs have been developed to help people who are in need of help one of which is Project Resilience in Ulster County. This program was developed by Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan in partnership with the Community Foundation and the United Ways. The program is designed to help people who are impacted by the pandemic. They work with local food banks on the increasing amount of food insecurity and they also help Ulster families with other types of support during this difficult time.

Earlier this week (January 28, 2021) Ulster County Government share on the Facebook page that Project Resilience would be partnering with the YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County. They are working together on a drop-in program for children who in kindergarten through 6 grade in the Ellenville School District. The program plans to open this Monday (February 1, 2021) to help working parents in Ellenville.

For more information on this program contact You can also contact Project Resilience 845 - 338 - 3810 ext 122.

Project Resilience is currently accepting donations. If you can help please follow the link below.


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