Wait? Does this mean we have to grow up? What will happen to Geoffrey? Will he go upstate to the Animal Adventure Park and join April in her retirement?

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The day has come. Toys R Us has closed their last two US stores. When they were bought in bankruptcy, the company that bought them (Tru Kids) had kept telling consumers (and kids of all ages) that they were eager to keep a few stores open along with increasing the online business.

The last two box stores, both of which closed in the latter part of January 2021 were located in Houston, Texas and the Garden State Plaza in Paramus NJ.

When visiting the Toys R Us website,  I did notice that things were not quite 'right.' Not only was the large giraffe no where to be seen, (maybe he is already in retirement with April?) but the website isn't an actual store. When you see an item that you want to buy and you click on it,  you are sent to an Amazon site or partner, where you can then purchase the product. So you are not directly purchasing it from Toy's R Us, but an Amazon affiliate.

Here is what the website said about how this works:

Tru Kids has relaunched ToysRUs.com as a content website that automatically links consumers to purchase products from select retail partners.

Consumers browsing toys on ToysRUs.com can click the "buy now", "view price", or toys "check availability" buttons to be automatically linked to the same product page on Amazon.com to complete their purchase. As an Amazon Associate, Toys“R”Us earns from qualifying purchases.

What was the last item that you purchased from the store? I remember taking my son there and getting everything from Disney DVD's to Pokemon cards, to board games. Yes, there are other stores both in person and online that we can shop in, but who has that great song that reminds you to always be a kid?

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